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July 24, 2021

What is crack?

Crack is a small utility program used to generate product activation keys and serial numbers, specifically for pirated programs. Getting a working product key or serial number out of a Crack is not difficult, and if the right combination is not made the first time, you can try repeatedly until the program you want to use is unlocked.

What is keygen?

A key generator, often shortened to "keygen," is a program that creates unique, working product keys for software programs and operating systems. Most software programs require a product key or some other kind of installation code before you can use the program, so having a tool that actually creates them would no doubt save you lots of money, especially if you've already paid for the program but lost the installation code. Keygens go by many names, including "product key generators," "CD key creators," "license key generators," etc. No matter the name, all key generators create free, unique product keys for various software programs, video games, etc.